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FasCat’s six-week BWR N Carolina plan starts May 1

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FasCat’s six-week BWR N Carolina plan starts May 1
FasCat’s six-week BWR N Carolina plan starts May 1
Save 25% with the code FasCatBWR

Coach Frank with FasCat Coaching + Training has some training advice here for you for the Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina. The race outside Asheville is in roughly six weeks, and you have time to make some significant gains. 

If you are doing BWR North Carolina, by now you should be riding at least four times per week, preferably outdoors. You should be doing long rides on the weekends over challenging terrain, and it’s a good idea to do some hard group rides, too. (They’re great practice for BWR events, and they’re fun, too!) During the week, we know you are busy and don’t have as much time as you’d like, so doing some short, structured intervals are a highly effective use of your time. 

BWR North Carolina is June 10. Start the official BWR North Carolina training plan on May 1 with a subscription to Optimize. Use the code FasCatBWR at to save 25%.

We designed a six-week training plan specifically for the BWR North Carolina to help you make the most of these next few weeks. In addition to the long BWR-simulation ride on the weekend, we also have four special workouts to help you get ready for these tricky four sectors in the race:

  • Ondieptenberg

  • Waterscheiding

  • Toppunt Monteren

  • Jumpinjeterberg

The Ondieptenberg is short but steep, so you’ll work on your ‘supra-threshold’. The Waterscheiding is steep but also longer, so you’ll do a bit longer threshold work. Toppunt Monteren is a beast, so we’ve designed some climbing intervals to help you up this savage sector. And finally, my favorite, the Jumpinjeterberg; you’ll probably be mad at us when you’re doing this workout - but happy about this when it comes to race day! 

Ready to get started?Use the code FasCatBWR at for 25% offa subscription to Optimize, FasCat’s training solution that includes unlimited training plans including the BWR NC plan. 

The BWR NC plan has five days of riding with 4-8 hours of training per week. If you want to ride more there’s an intermediate version with 8-12 hours of weekly training.

Not sure what to do? Coaching is included in Optimize so reach out and the FasCat Coaches will get right back to you about your questions about training for the BWR North Carolina or any other event. 

Good luck with your training and we’ll see you for the shakeout ride the day before BWR North Carolina!