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The BWR Guide to Eating Like a Semi Pro: Nutrition Strategieën for the Most Unique Cycling Event in the World

The legendary Belgian Waffle Ride is probably the hardest day you'll ever spend on (or off) a bike. Dubbed "The Unroad Race," it combines all the fun parts of cyclocross, road, and mountain biking into a diabolical 100-mile-plus gravel beatdown that you'll never regret. But if you want to live through the day, you'll need to feed and hydrate right.

The BWR Guide to Eating Like aSemi Pro will make that happen. it covers all aspect of cycling nutrition, including the basics, hydration, supplementation, gut-training, carb-loading, recovery, on-bike feeding, and more. It's not intended as a specific plan. Rather, it gives you the tools and knowledge to figure out what personally works for you as an athlete–and what doesn’t.

Even if the BWR isn't on your radar (yet), this book is essential reading for both serious and not-so-serious cyclists.

For a fraction of the cost of a tubeless-ready tire, it should enable you to train harder, race faster, and make theMuur Van Dubbelberga completely doable climb. Sort of. If you’re lucky. And the wind blows the right way.