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Official Rules

A government-issued photo I.D. will be required to sign in. 

Event packets will be given out to registered athletes only. No one else can receive your packet for you. 

Age group competition – determined by the age of a rider on race day

Age groupings –

  • 18 & under
  • 19-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-69
  • 70 and over

Race Categories

Belgian Waffle Ride is committed to ensuring that all participants have equitable access and opportunities to participate in our cycling events while preserving the integrity of the sport and respecting international regulations. The organization fosters positive, safe, and inclusive world-class experiences that promote personal growth and healthy competition.

Racing Classifications

Belgian Waffle Ride events will offer the following racing categories:

  • Women – Racers who were assigned female at birth
  • Men – Racers who were assigned male at birth
  • Gender Diverse – Racers whose gender identity or expression may not match their gender assigned at birth

Eligibility Verification

Belgian Waffle Ride will not require proof of eligibility for racers competing in specific classifications before an event. We recognize that all our participants deserve a positive, supportive environment that promotes personal growth, and we also recognize that professional sport is elevated through equitable competition. We are committed to doing the work around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and these categories may change as understanding evolves.

The organization may require validation of eligibility of specific racers on a case-by-case basis if needed to ensure the integrity of each classification. These instances may arise at the direction of Belgian Waffle Ride leadership if race officials see a need to seek verification. Racers can also request confirmation of eligibility verification of competitors by Belgian Waffle Ride via an anonymous process. Belgian Waffle Ride will take all such requests into consideration.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Belgian Waffle Ride will strive to preserve all athletes' legitimate privacy interests and medical privacy. The organization will keep any discussions involving the gender identity of an athlete and any required written supporting documentation confidential unless the athlete makes a specific request otherwise. All information received by Belgian Waffle Ride about an individual athlete’s gender identity and medical information, including physician’s information provided pursuant to this Policy, shall be maintained confidentially. Belgian Waffle Ride will retain any written documentation for a period required to make any required determinations.

Belgian Waffle Ride will not require proof of eligibility for racers competing in specific classifications before an event. We may require validation of eligibility of specific racers on a case-by-case basis if needed to ensure the integrity of each classification.

Racers can also request confirmation of eligibility verification of competitors by Belgian Waffle Ride via an anonymous process. We will take all such requests into consideration.

Our sole intention in making these changes is to provide all our participants a positive, supportive environment that promotes personal growth and healthy, fair competition in all our events.

If you have any question as to which category to register for, please contact us at All communications will be in the strictest confidence.

Bicycles & Equipment

BWR Riders must utilize an approved bicycle. This bicycle must: 

  • Consist of a frame mounted on two wheels, one behind the other
  • Have a seat and have handlebars for steering
  • Be propelled solely by the operator via two pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain or belt
  • Have two hand-operated brakes (fixed gear and coaster brake bikes are not exempt from this rule)

The same bicycle frame must be utilized for the duration of the race. Other components may be swapped out on course. Athletes may assist each other on course with parts.

Bicycles must be propelled solely by the rider’s legs moving in a circular motion, without electric or other assistance. Bicycles must meet the following characteristics:

- Dimensions. Bicycles may be no more than 2 meters long and 75 cm wide. Tandem bikes are allowed and may be up to 3 meters long

- Protective shields, fairings, or other devices are not allowed on any part of the bicycle, except spoke covers, which may be used.

- Wheels can be made with spokes or solid construction. No wheel may contain special mechanisms to store and release energy.

- Handlebar ends must be solidly-plugged, and any attachments must be fashioned in such a way as to minimize danger without impairing steering. Handlebars with ends, features, or attachments that extend forward or upward or that provide support for other than the rider’s hands are not permitted. Handlebar coverings are limited to standard handlebar tapes and wraps. No additional padding, shapes or supports designed to facilitate resting the rider’s forearms on the bars are allowed in the BWRs, which are massed start events.

- Brake controls must be attached to the handlebars and be hand operated. Brakes must be operable with hands on the brake supports or positioned on the handlebar. 

 - Recumbent bicycles are not permitted. 

* Aero-type and other similar auxiliary handlebars are prohibited. This includes "tri-bikes" with otherwise unremovable aero bars. Please remove them prior to the ride [no tri-bikes].

* No entrant may utilize a motorized or power-assisted bicycle, nor may a bicycle have such devices attached. All bicycles must be powered solely by human force; unless entered into the e-bike category.

* Riders are responsible for their equipment and for taking reasonable precautions to ensure that its condition is adequate and safe for use in competition.

BWR event courses are well-marked with arrows, flags, and course marshals, however riders are responsible for themselves throughout the duration of the event. This includes:

- Navigation of the course

- While we offer navigation resources for riders on our website, which includes GPS files and cue sheets, the final course will be determined by the course markings on the day, as last-minute safety measures may dictate deviations to the published routes.

- Interaction with local vehicle traffic – always defer to vehicular traffic

- Roads are open to the public and athletes are expected to follow local bicycle laws

Outside support is only allowed from stationary locations, with these exceptions:

- Riders may help other riders with mechanical support, navigation assistance, or by any other means.

- Riders may resupply at local businesses and stores along the route

- Riders may receive “neutral” support from local residents at a stationary location from which any other event participant could also receive aid.

The marked route must be followed at all times. No short cuts or alternate routes are permitted. 

If a rider intentionally leaves the course for any other reason, the rider must re-enter the course at the same spot at which they left. 

If a rider finds themselves off course, the rider shall make every reasonable attempt to backtrack to the point where they departed the official course; or to re-enter the course as soon as possible and without gaining an advantage. 

 “Advantage” is defined by time and race position. 

Drafting another rider is allowed. Drafting on a non-participant rider or vehicle will result in disqualification. 

Rider “Race Plates” MUST be affixed to the front of the handlebars. Athlete “Race Plates” MUST NOT be bent, folded, wrapped around the head tube, or in any other position than flat against the handlebars. Improper attachment of the race plate will cause timing chips not to register and may be cause for disqualification.

* All athletes must attend one of the two Rider Briefings the day before race day. (Full Schedule of Events will be available on the website closer to the event date).

The elite category includes these additional rules:

- Racing for this category must be selected at time of race registration

- While an athlete may self-select this category, Monuments of Cycling reserves the right to change a rider’s designation to their appropriate age group division prior to the race date and will consult the rider before doing so.

 - All athletes selecting to race in the pro/elite category will not be eligible for age group podiums

- All other rules remain in place

- Challenges to event results must come from a registered participant, must be made either in-person, or via email to, and must be received no later than one hour after closing of the race finish line. 

All deferrals must be submitted via a rider’s account no later than on week prior to the packet pickup date. (e.g., If race day is a Sunday, packet pickup would be Saturday and deferrals would need to have been completed by the rider prior to midnight on the prior Friday.)

Extended rules:

All Entrants must line up in the "official" start line area – Entrants may not start in front of this area;

All Entrants must properly enter the Start area, and may not cut in line, climb over barricades, or in any other way improperly enter the Start area;

All Entrants must properly wear a CPSC-approved helmet;

All Entrants must not cross a solid yellow line, whether double, or single on their side of the road (a no-passing zone); Disqualification is immediate if seen by a race official;

All Entrants must show and practice good sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind is prohibited;

All Entrants must obey Police, Bike Patrol, or other Event Officials;

No Entrant may ride with, or receive support from, unregistered cyclists (bandits);

No Entrant may draft, hold onto, or catch a ride in any motorized vehicle;

All Entrants must cycle the full official route, as described on the official route map, or designated on race day by arrows. Entrants may not short cut the official route, and are responsible for knowing and following the official route;

All Entrants must stay behind, and not pass, the lead vehicle during the neutral roll-out;

All Entrants must wear their rider numbers, which must be easily visible;

Headsets covering or blocking both ears are prohibited, i.e., iPod-type stereos or other devices;

All Entrants must depart the start line of the Event before the last official vehicle (trail vehicle) has left the start line;

All Entrants must show courteous behavior to Volunteers, Event Officials, and Police, and obey their instructions while refraining from passing lead vehicles anywhere along the route, especially the Neutral Zone at the beginning;

All Entrants must obey traffic control officers & personnel, and traffic control devices & signs, unless otherwise directed by an Official;

All Entrants must read & know the local bicycle laws, and yield to emergency vehicles, even if the road is closed;

All Entrants must give the right of way to other road users, including bikes & motor vehicles, when legally required;

All Entrants must stay to the right of cones at intersections unless directed otherwise by Police or Event Official(s);

All Entrants must bicycle single file, when possible unless the road is closed to motor vehicle traffic (any road closures will be announced on Event Day), or a police escort is provided;

Support crews/non-Official vehicles may meet and provide support to their Entrant(s) from the side of the road but may not follow Entrants on the Route nor provide rolling support;

Any Entrant riding after sunset must have legal lighting: A white headlight visible at least 500 feet ahead and a red rear reflector, preferably 2’ or more in diameter;

All Entrants who drop out of the event must notify an Event Official, by informing an Aid Station Director or calling the Event Hotline phone number. Be sure to give your rider number; 619-408-1650

Entrants not finishing the course by the official race finish time will not be official finishers but can continue the route if they have the legal lighting on their bikes to be riding after sundown;

All Entrants must follow these steps at the Finish line: 1) Slow down after you pass the finish line under the banner, 2) Allow the finish chute crew to check your official rider number, 3) exit the finish chute.

Rule Enforcement & Procedures: 1) Police, Event Officials, and Bike Patrol will identify any Entrant who violates traffic laws or Event rules for possible disqualification. 2) Those so identified will be reported to the Rules/Results Committee, who will investigate and deal with each violation on a case-by- case basis, imposing penalties, including disqualification, as indicated. 3) Any Entrant may report rules violations and present supporting evidence at the Registration booth/tent at the Finish Line. All such reports must be in writing and must be turned in within 15-minutes of the posting of the event results or by one hour after the official finish time, whichever is later.

Belgian Waffle Ride is finished when the official finish time is reached, and all course support will be closed in accord with that final finish time. Any Entrants still on the route will be asked to stop or go on unofficially or will be afforded transportation to the Finish by Officials and/or volunteers.

Entrants are solely responsible for all their items of personal belongings. The event is NOT responsible for any items of personal belongings whatsoever, whether lost, stolen, placed at a Feed Zone or information station, placed with an Official or volunteer, or misplaced. Do not leave your belongings with any volunteers, staff, or officials. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS UNATTENDED.

The Belgian Waffle Ride will not be canceled or postponed. It will go on through rain, sleet, snow, or heat – Be Prepared!

Suggested Equipment Checklists:

Items in this list are sorted into three categories: Must haves, Should haves, and Desirables. “Must” items are absolutely required by all riders. “Should haves” are highly recommended for surviving the BWR. “Desirables” items are nice to have in for varying situations or may be highly-suggested in certain conditions.

Must haves…

  • Helmet (approved by CPSC or Snell standards)
  • Cell phone to call for pick up should you need to abandon
  • Approved Bicycles

Should haves…

  • Navigation system/Bike Computer (GPS device, cue sheets, map, etc.)
  • Inner tubes (tubeless tires may need tubes, too)
  • Tire repair plugs if rider’s tires are tubeless
  • Tube patch kit
  • Tire repair boots
  • Tire inflation system (CO2 inflators or a hand pump)
  • Tire levers
  • Bicycle multi-tool that contains:
    • All the wrenches needed for your bike
    • Chain tool
    • Spoke wrench
  • Spare chain quick links
  • Front light
  • Red taillight
  • Cash, debit, or credit card (never know when you'll need to transact)


  • Chain lube 
  • Chamois crème
  • Sunscreen
  • First aid kit