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Should You Incorporate Strength Training Into Your BWR Preparation?

  • 1 min read


To Lift Or Not To Strength Train, That’s NOT The Question.

In your run into BWR, you will be gaining fatigue. If 100% of your CTL (chronic training load) is from riding, you’re leaving some potential power behind. We’ve seen the BWR course. Besides some major tweaks that Michael Marckx may throw at us the week before, we know the major demands of the BWR. There’s single track sections, there’s dirt grinder climbs, and there’s a steep paved climbs late in the race that demand a lot of our core strength. There’s heaps of reasons why you should do a strength plan leading into BWR to have your best result. Below you’ll find some extra info on why you should do a weight plan and how to implement that plan.

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