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5 Benefits of Cycling Coaching in a Pandemic

  • 2 min read

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The global pandemic is very real. If you've been fortunate enough to maintain your health and employment, you've probably also felt bummed to watch all your 2020 events and goals go up in smoke (minusBWR Cedar City!). We'll never be taking events for granted again, that's for sure...

Here are five ways Source Endurance coaches are here to help athletes navigate this new time:

1. Structure

Without the normal structure to the year, it's hard to know what you should be doing right now. Do you need to do a lot of intervals if you aren't doing your normal events this year? Source Endurance coaches help you find the balance between fitness, your goals, and fun.

2. Accountability

Many athletes go through cycles of being motivated and unmotivated. It's normal. Having accountability allows you to stay on track if you have goals you are still working towards.

3. Goal Setting with a Road Map

Maybe your goal was a new PR at a road race or gravel event, or to win a sprint finish or complete in your first MTB race. So many athletes have had to change their target for the year. With fewer events, you can create new goals or go for those long forgotten goals like a specific, elusive QOM, weight loss, or getting fit for a 3-day bikepacking trip.

4. Adaptability

Source Endurance coaches help their athletes optimize training even as targets move, hiccups occur, and motivation ebbs and flows.

5. Big Picture

Someday, the pandemic will be a memory and you'll still be riding your bike. The work put in now is just all deposits in the fitness bank for your overall goals. There's many aspects of training and fitness that are "use it or lose it." Source Endurance is here to help you keep your fitness and even make gains in the pandemic so you come out on the other side fast as ever.

Next steps: Learn more about our coaching and let us know how we can help you during this unprecedented time. 

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