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March 5, 2023

Scottsdale (Cave Creek), Arizona

New for 2023 - The first race of the Quadrupel Crown of Gravel

 / ~8,400 feet

~79-miles / ~5,601

~37-miles / ~3,700

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BWR CA 2023
April 16, 2023

San Diego, California

New Course This Year, again!

Created as an extremely challenging race in the spirit of the great European one-day Spring Classics, BWR is an unusually difficult race. This is the original. It’s diabolical; the Hell of the West (Coast).

 / ~10,000 feet
 / ~47% unroad

~74.4-miles / ~6,700 feet / ~33% unroad

~36-miles / ~3,100 / ~15% unroad

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May 28, 2023

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

New in 2023

~220-km / ~2,600 meters / 45% unroad

~110-km / ~1,500 meters / 40% unroad

~52-km / ~530 meters / 32% unroad

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June 11, 2023

Asheville, North Carolina

The North Carolina race will provide professional and amateur cyclists access to the most coveted roads and unroad sectors around the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The route features rolling mountain passes, rough and rocky outcroppings, lake views, dense forests and rivers and waterfalls. Riders will get a bit of everything thrown at them: hard-packed, flat, loose, rocky, uphill and downhill gravel over a route punctuated by 20 off-road sectors that give the event a unique and challenging complexion. This is the Hell of the East. 

 / ~14,000 feet / 
~43% unroad

 / ~7,000 feet / 
~40% unroad

 / ~3,700 feet / 
~40% unroad

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Aug 26, 2023

Cedar City, Utah

The 4th annual Utah edition of the Belgian Waffle Ride promises unparalleled punishment for entrants along a 132-mile course, which features roughly 7,800 feet of undulating climbs, at an average altitude of 5,800 feet, with unroad terrain that harkens to the teeth-rattling cobblestones of Europe’s most grueling races. The course has a variety of different surfaces; gravel, single-track, rocky trails, double-track, sandy sections, and even a little asphalt. This is the Hell of the South (West).

 / ~7,860 ft of elevation gain
 / ~85% unroad

 / ~3,200 ft of elevation gain
 / ~80% unroad

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Oct 15, 2023

Lawrence, Kansas

The Hell of the (Mid) West takes place in the fall, and is one of two mandatory BWRS for the Quadrupel Crown of Gravel, along with BWR CA. A mostly off-road parcourse throughout the northeast region of Kansas was carefully designed to provide double the elevation per mile than many events in the region, giving this event a unique punchy complexion. It’s hallmarks include two extended cyclocross courses through the Snake Farm and some wonderful single-track to surprise and delight all. There are three distances - Waffle, Wafer (80-ish miles and Wanna (40-ish miles).


~121 miles
 / ~7,000 ft  / ~89% Unroad

~76.4-miles / ~4,100 feet / ~89% Unroad

~39-miles / ~1,600 feet / ~86% Unroad

Unroad Expo at Sunflower Outdoor & Bike Shop from Friday, October 13 - October 15, 2023.

Race Day is Saturday, October 14 with a big party after

Sunday will be a community unroad and shake out ride open to everyone. The awards and Belgian Waffle Breakfast will also happen on Sunday, October 15.

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Nov 26, 2023

Queretaro, Mexico