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The Tripel Crown of Gravel




The Tripel Crown of Gravel Series is ready to enjoy!

Hold onto your handlebars, because the 2024 Gravel Racing Season is hurtling towards us like a mud-covered comet! Brace yourselves, Coureurs, because Monuments of Cycling is about to drop the cobblestone with the Tripel Crown of Gravel Series, nestled snugly within the colossal BWR Series—aka the grandest and fondest of all gravel extravaganzas—with seven events in North America.

(Hand pointing to the horizon) Picture this: the Tripel Crown is the ultimate showdown for the gods of gravel racing and those who worship them. It's a three-event rowdy rollercoaster of grit and glory, smashing through vastly different gravel playgrounds – The Desert Daydreams, The Mountainous Meadows, The Coastal Canyons. Kicking off in full-blown Spring Classic mode, Americana style, with not one, not two, but three grand events crammed into seven wild weeks of dirty debauchery.

We're talking about the Second Annual BWR Arizona (March 2), the Fifth Annual BWR Utah (April 6), and the granddaddy of them all—the 13th Annual BWR California (April 28). It's like the Holy Trinity of Gravel, only completely irreverent.

Why, you ask? Because the Tripel Crown is our coups de maître, giving riders—whether they're pros with thighs of carbon or weekend warriors with a penchant for pedal-induced masochism—the chance to tackle three decidedly different, incredibly beautiful courses all in the confines of Spring. It's the perfect cocktail of recovery and fitness gains, served with a heaping side of epinephrine and, yep, lots of waffles and beer.

And for those eyeing the prize purse (gravel gods, we're looking at you), the stakes are high. The BWR California will be the ultimate decider, carrying extra weighted points to settle the score. Get ready for the showdown at North City in San Marcos, CA, on April 28, 2024, where glory awaits the victors in various categories. There is a $37,00 prize purse for the Series, which includes the individual event purses - $25,500 for the Tripel Crown top five men/women.

But wait (while you wait) there's more! The BWRs aren't just races; they're a wild concoction of 'unroad' madness. Inspired by the great European Spring Classics, our events are hailed as 'the most unique cycling events in the world.' Picture gravel, single track, sand, rocks, water crossings, cyclocross features, and even a splash of asphalt thrown in for good measure. It's cycling, but not as you know it. It's the perfect blend of pain, pleasure, and some serious bragging rights, should you finish.

And because we're not just a pretty race, we present the BWR Unroad Expo—a two-day fiesta where the cycling community gathers to revel in the Belgian Bliss. Discover the latest cycling designs, products, and promotions while feasting on culinary delights, with Belgian Waffles and Belgian Ale topping the menu all weekend. There will also be family fun for all with vendors of all variety on hand to lend to the pageantry endemic to the BWR.

Ready to join the gravel gravitation? Hit me up if you're hungry for more details or my mom’s waffle recipe. It's going to be a ride or three to remember!

Make yours a Tripel! 🚴‍♂️🔥 🧇 🧇 🧇