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Course Communique #06: Bandy Weg

  • 1 min read

bandy weg

Sadistically situated, the Bandy Weg may not be long, but it’s effective. It is nothing more than a kilometer-long climb, but after Sandy Bandy and however many hours you have put into your body at this point, its steepness will wreak havoc on legs, arms, egos and average miles per hour alike. Plus, this one must be commenced from a stand still—after dismounting, rubbing cramping legs and desperately looking around for the nearest sag wagon. Don’t look across the road, there’s a creepy old couch there… you don’t know which cyclists took refuge there before you.

For those with the mettle to still pedal, the peak—after so many hours of perversity, which is just a little pitch—gets steep enough to destroy much of one’s will. Not to worry, that same first pitchy sister that you ascended earlier in the day on the Highland Arendberg gets to become a nice little slide into the Mighty Mule trail heading home. Caution: YOU MUST RIDE SLOW DOWN THIS SECTION.