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Course Communique #03: Sandy Bandy

  • 1 min read

sandy bandy

Now a signature sector, this deceivingly diabolical diversion, Sandy Bandy—which is into a headwind—takes you on an unlikely excursion, eschewing the heavenly smooth and open road along Bandy Canyon you just enjoyed; paralleling the same route on a devilish dirt trail that is mostly, you guessed it, SAND. Some would even say quicksand, and its depths will create more separation than the Bandy Weg climb that follows. When you do fall, make sure to wave your hand for one of the marshals to rescue you. Anyone caught trying to cut the course here will be left to the not-so-swift suffocation only quicksand can provide. If completed, Sandy Bandy gives way to climbing pain, but not until a forced dismount signals the next level of hell has been reached. 

“This sand is cold and gritty.”
“Yeah, and it’s deep, too.”